About Us

"NARAYAN" (trade name) is the owner of Reproduction Muzzle Loading Guns Manu-factory in Udaipur, The Scenic city of Lakes and Palaces in India.

"NARAYAN" is making Handcrafted Muzzle Loading Guns, Pistols, Accessories and Hand – Forged welded DAMASCUS STEEL ARMS by using old technique and secrets that have been taught by their forefathers, who were Armourer to the Kings and Nobles.

About "NARAYAN" Damascus steel & Muzzle Loading Supplies

Damascus steel: "NARAYAN" produces fine quality Damascus steel Billets, Blanks, Knives, Skinner, Folding Knives, Axes, Swords, Arrowheads, Bows & many more items, we also manufacture Hunting Knives in High Carbon steel and also accept CUSTOM MADE ORDERS.

Replica Muzzle Loading Supplies: "NARAYAN" is manufacturing Handcrafted Replica Muzzle Loading Guns * Pistols * Spare parts * Accessories * Bayonets & other muzzle loading supplies and many more items.

Please note all of our items are HANDCRAFTED & HANDMADE and not Machine made.

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